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Here you will get all help content that you might find useful while you are using codeparl web app and this will act as a manual guide for all codeparl users.

We shall use figures and illustrations in order to convey a universal message to our users.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in this page, please don’t hesitate to contact our team through the contact page and seek for more help other than on this page.

It is every important and useful for applications to have a manual guide for their users otherwise users will get difficulties when utilizing the application and this is the main reason why codeparl web app offers a manual guide through its help page.

The main focus of this help is on two questions:

  1. How can I upload my code examples on codeparl?
  2. what can I do with code examples uploaded on codeparl?

The following paragraphs will answer the above questions in details.

Uploading code examples on codeparl

There are many reasons why you might choose to upload your code examples on codeparl:

The first reason is that when you craft a computer program it makes you believe in yourself that you can do something in computer programming and this will create a courage and interest in you to keeping computer programming up. In addition to that, it will encourage you to test your brain for many challenges and this could lead you to many interesting ideas that you couldn’t realize before learning computer programming.

The point is that whenever you view your code examples you uploaded on codeparl even after a long time, the soul and interest of coding will keep pushing you to learn and write more programs.

The second reason is to be more generous to other programmers by sharing your crafted computer code examples. This will encourage other programmers the same way it encourages you when you view other programmer’s code examples on codeparl.

The third reason is that the best way to acknowledge your computer programming skills is to get positive comments and reactions from other programmers.

The last reason is that codeparl focuses on code examples and makes sure that code examples are uploaded conveniently by setting standards for uploading code examples that insure the quality of the code.

Where can I Find Code Uploading Links?

We start by finding the links that we need to click in order get the code uploading page. The first place should be the codeparl homepage (

There are two places on codeparl homepage to find code uploading page:

  1. On the sub menu Code Uploading Link 1
  2. On the main sections Code Uploading Link 1

Using code examples on codeparl

The reason why new programmers should care about code examples is to make sure that they achieve their goals of learning computer programming and become computer programming gurus.

If you are a new programmer attending classes and reading books this will not be enough for you to become a real computer programmer until you write many computer programs. Unfortunately, you cannot just write programs without first copying other people’s source code to get more ideas on how they use the programming language used to write the source code.

Using code examples means to run and test it and observe the behavior of the program. This observation will encourage you to either modify the program in a way that makes a lot of sense to you or correct the mistakes in the source code. If you do this for many times on other people’s source code, there’s no doubt that after that you would be an experienced computer programmer in a given computer programming language.

Remember that people write programs just because they love coding or to earn money to improve their financial status. These might be the reasons why you learn computer programming. Codeparl is there to help new programmers achieve their goals for learning computer programming by offering a system where they can upload their code examples they write either for fun or just assignments form their instructors.

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Why code examples are useful to programmers?

The code example file type you upload must not be a binary file such as an image, zip file, jar file, .exe file or any executable file. It Should be a text file or utf-8 characters representing a source code to be compiled or interpreted by a given run-time environment.

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