About CodeParl

What is codeparl?

Codeparl is an online service that facilitates sharing of simplified well-crafted  computer code examples (in 155 computer languages).
This sharing of code examples is between IT programmers and IT students, whereby the studends preview and download the code examples uploaded by instructors or other programmers.

Codeparl makes it easy for IT programmers to upload and download code examples by providing them with an online code-editor to edit their code examples or browse them from their computers and attach them with any assets or dependencies.

It also allows uploading code examples in parts,which in turn allows them to download them as a single zip file with all assets and description.

Codeparl will insure that students, instructors, self-taught  programmers and IT book authors can find somewhere to hunt simple code examples or snippets to use in their endeavors.

Why simplified code examples?

Simplified code examples help new computer programmers gain more experience and skills in programming by playing with and modifying the code examples they download.

Code examples help someone get to know how to use certain piece of code in a given computer language (e.g. functions or methods, classes and objects).


The instructors prepare their simplified crafted code examples by either using their preferred code editors on their computers or our online code editor. The instructors make sure that the code they share is well described by providing a short description about the code example, and how to use it plus adding a list of any dependencies for the code to work properly when downloaded and tested.


The Programmers can find posted code examples by computer language or by using the provided preset search filters. The Programmers can then apply commands such as Download File, Download PDF, Download All, Download Assets, Preview , View Description and Edit.

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